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Flickr Title and Description Batch Tools

v1.9 - 15th May 2015

This Greasemonkey script lets you edit the titles and descriptions of a batch of Flickr images more easily. It works in the Edit Titles and Descriptions batch page in the Organizer, and also the page that is displayed after you use the sites uploading tools to upload your images.

GM Script: Flickr Title and Description Batch Tools


Compatibility: Firefox (with Greasemonkey add-on) / Chrome (with Tampermonkey add-on)


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Title and Description Batch Tools (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How can i copy the title text from the first image in the batch to all the other images?
A) If the double arrows are not showing next to the title input box, click the link "Show arrows" at the top of the page. Once the arrows are showing, clicking the arrows next to the title box will copy your title to all the other images on the page (up to the 20 that flickr allows on the page at a time)

Q) How can i Search and replace text in my images titles and/or descriptions?
A) Open the batch of images you want to edit in the Flickr Organiser, then select edit titles and descriptions in the Organizer menu, then along the top of the Organizer will be some links to functions the script provides such as search and replace and append text etc. Use the search and replace function to replace the text as you wish. The same method works for copying the description and tags boxes too.

Q) Why can i only edit 20 images at a time?
A) Thats because the Flickr organizer only lets you edit 20 images at a time

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