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Flickr Show All in Pool By User

Updated! v2.2 - 9th Apr 2014

This Greasemonkey script adds links to the photo page and also to the group members admin page that lets you easily see all a specific users photos in a group pool.

GM Script: Show all in group pool by user - Lets you easily view all a users photos in a group pool


Compatibility: Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari / Opera


This script is donationware, if you like the script, please make a donation to show your appreciation.

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Installation Instructions

*IMPORTANT INFO* : To get this script to work, you need to "Spoof" your browser's "user agent" via a browser extension, to trick Flickr into thinking you are using an older browser. For firefox you can try Random Agent Spoofer, and for Chrome try User Agent Switcher that lets you spoof your "user agent", then set your user agent to Firefox 21.

This should revert Flickr to the older site design, and the MGS script should then work ok.

Firefox : First you need to install the Greasemonkey addon, then once thats installed, click the install link, and then you are good to go.

Google Chrome : You first need to install the Tampermonkey extension, that lets you run greasemonkey scripts, then click the script link to install.

Safari : Safari doesnt have native Greasemonkey support built in, so you first need to install a GM addon, Greasekit or NinjaKit for example, then once you have that installed, simply click the install link.

Opera : Opera has built in greasemonkey support, you just need to setup your scripts directory in the Settings/Preferences/Advanced/Content/Javascript Options menu, by selecting the User "Javascript directory" you want to store your greasemonkey scripts in, then save the script to the directory you have chosen, et voila!

Show all in Group Pool FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How do i see all a users images in a group pool?
A) If you click an image in a group pool, the script will add a link "Show all this users photos in this pool" to the photo page that if clicked will take you to the group pool, showing just that users photos.

Q) Does the script add a link for each group pool a photo is in?
A) Yes on the new flickr photo page, the script adds a "Show all photos by this user in this pool" link to each group widget on the photo page

Q) Does the script work on the new flickr photo page?
A) Yes it has been updated to work on the new page, and the new version is improved, as it adds a link for all that users photos in each group listed on the photo page.

Q) Does the script still work on the old flickr photo page?
A) Yes it still works on the old page too.

Q) Why isnt the script showing a link for each group on the new photo page?
A) The script has updated the "include" locations that the page runs on, so in order for greasemonkey to see the new includes, you need to uninstall the old version of the script before installing the new one.

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