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Flickr Multi Group Sender

Updated! v3.8 - 12th September 2014

This Greasemonkey script lets you send your Flickr photos to multiple groups simultaneously, and lets you save your group selection, so you can easily reselect them for future group submissions.

GM Script: Flickr Multi Group Sender - Lets you send your images to multiple groups simultaneously


Compatibility: Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari / Opera


This script is donationware, if you like the script, please make a donation to show your appreciation.

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Installation Instructions

*IMPORTANT INFO* : To get this script to work, you need to "Spoof" your browser's "user agent" via a browser extension, to trick Flickr into thinking you are using an older browser. For firefox you can try Random Agent Spoofer, and for Chrome try User Agent Switcher that lets you spoof your "user agent", then set your user agent to Firefox 21.

This should revert Flickr to the older site design, and the MGS script should then work ok.

Firefox : First you need to install the Greasemonkey addon, then once thats installed, click the install link, and then you are good to go.

Google Chrome : You first need to install the Tampermonkey extension, that lets you run greasemonkey scripts, then click the Install link above.

Safari : Safari doesnt have native Greasemonkey support built in, so you first need to install a GM addon, Greasekit or NinjaKit for example, then once you have that installed, simply click the install link.

Opera : Opera has built in greasemonkey support, you just need to setup your scripts directory in the Settings/Preferences/Advanced/Content/Javascript Options menu, by selecting the User "Javascript directory" you want to store your greasemonkey scripts in, then save the script to the directory you have chosen, et voila!

Multi Group Sender FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Does the script work on the new photo page?
A) Not yet, but if you can get Flickr to revert to the old photo page design, via the instructions in red above, the latest version of the script should work (Latest update 2nd April 2014)

Q) How can I quickly filter the list as I type without having to click the search button?
A) If you click the group list select box once with the mouse, then start typing the first few letters of the name of the group, the select box will jump to the group you are searching for. You can also use this function to quickly scroll through all groups beginning with a certain letter, for instance, say you know the groups name begins with 'J' but you cant remember the rest of it, just click inside the select box and hold the J key down and it will scroll through all the groups beginning with the letter "J".

Q) How can I select multiple groups at the same time?
A) If you hold down the control (CTRL) key (or Apple key if you are on a Mac) each time you click a group with the mouse, you will be able to select multiple groups individually.

Q) How can I edit a saved selection?
A) First select the saved selection you wish to edit, then in the drop down box containing the group names, select the groups you wish to add to the selection or deselect groups you want removed from the selection, then tick the save selection box and click add to group, you will now have a new selection with your desired groups, if you no longer want the old selection, simply delete it.

Q) How do I delete a saved group selection?
A) First select the selection you wish to delete in the secondary drop down box, then click the grey [x] next to it and the saved selection will be deleted.

Q) How can I quickly remove an image from multiple groups?
A) Click Flickr's "3 dots" menu aka "..." then select "Add to / Remove From Group", you can then click the Xs next to the groups the image is in to remove it from those groups.

Q) How can I quickly see which groups are currently selected in the group selecter?
A) If you hover your mouse over the select box, or over the number of groups selected at the bottom of the select box, a tooltip will pop up listing the currently selected groups.

More Screenshots: (Mouseover to enlarge)
flickr multi group sender GM Script: Flickr Multi Group Sender - Lets you send your images to multiple groups simultaneously

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