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Flickr Groups Organiser

Updated! v0.97 - 5th Aug 2010

This Greasemonkey script lets you tag / categorise your groups, view the group pool via various filters, and also easily quit groups from your groups list page.

GM Script: Flickr Groups Organiser - Lets you sort and organise your flickr groups


Compatibility: Firefox

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N.B This script does not work with Flickr's new page design

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Flickr Groups Organiser FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How can i quit multiple Flickr groups easily using the script?
A) Click the "Show quit links" link at the top of your groups page, then a "Quit" link will be displayed next to each group name, click the link to quit the group, you will also be given the option to remove all your images from that group.

Q) How can i backup / restore my group tags list?
A) Click the brown monkey icon in the bottom right corner of the browser window, then select "User Script Commands", then if you want to backup your group tags, select the "Backup Groups Organiser Tags" option. If you wish to restore your tags, select the "Restore Groups Organiser Tags" option. These functions can be used to transfer your tags from one computer to another.

Q) How can i view my tagged groups in Flickr's Organizer?
A) First click the groups tab to get to the group section of the organizer, then click one of the tags listed along the bar above the Organizer and the list of groups you have given that tag to will be displayed in the Organizer, allowing you to easily add images to those groups.

More Screenshots:
Flickr Groups Organiser - Lets you tag your groups Flickr Groups Organiser

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