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Group Pool Admin: Warn + Delete

Updated! 2.33 11th August 2011

This Greasemonkey script makes administrating a flickr group pool much easier. It lets you single click to remove images from a group pool, delete all a user's images from a pool, also easily mail a user and kick or ban them all from the group pool page itself.

GM Script: Flickr Group Pool Warn + Delete


Compatibility: Firefox

Please Note: This script no longer works.


Group Pool Admin: Warn + Delete FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) How can i send a mail to a user with an image in the group pool?
A) If you click the small "W" link beneath the image's thumbnail on the group pool page, the warn+delete window pops up, this window lets you send an email to that user.

Q) What are the substitution variables that can be used in the subject and message body?
A) Here are the variables that can be used in your savable message templates : $USERNAME$ , $GROUPNAME$ , $PICURL$ , $GROUPURL$ If those special words are entered into a mail sent via this script, when you press "Send" the variables will be substituted with the corresponding values. See the default template for an example of how to use the substitution variables.

Q) How can i quickly remove an image from lots of groups?
A) Flickr's remove from group feature is now in the Actions/Invite to group/send to group menu.

Q) Can you use this script to remove other admins from a group?
A) No, its not possible to remove an admin from a group, with or without this script

Q) How can i save the message i send so i can use it as a reusable template in the future?
A) To save your message as a reusable template, simply tick the "save Message" checkbox, before sending your message.

Q) How can i select which mail template to use?
A) You can select which template to use via the select box above the Subject entry box.

Q) How can i see all images by a specific user in the group pool?
A) First click the "W" link beneath the image thumbnail in the pool, then click the "See all in pool" link.

Q) Can i remove or ban a user from the group using the script, but without actually sending a mail?
A) Yes, you can, just leave the subject and message body blank, then when you click send, the ban/remove actions you have chosen will be carried out, but no mail will be sent.

Q) How can i view the large sized version of an image in the pool without actually going to that photo's page, so i can determine whether or not to delete the image from the pool?
A) You can use a cool GM script called "Greased Lightbox" which opens a larger sized version of the image, when you click on the thumbnail, this works really well together with the warn and delete script.

Q) What does the "Kick User" function do?
A) The "Kick User" function removes that user from the group.

Q) Is the script compatible with Firefox 4?
A) v2.22 was not compatible with FF4, but the newly released (24th March 2011) v2.23 is now compatible with Firefox 4

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