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Flickr PM

Updated! v4.2.1 - 3rd Apr 2014

This Greasemonkey script adds easily accessible icon links to a users Email, Favourites, Flickr DNA, Flickr Scout, most Interesting photos, Photo Archive and Profile, next to their usernames in forums and photo comments. It also allows you to send a flickr mail to a user without actually leaving the page you are on.

GM Script: Flickr PM - Adds useful links next to usernames on Flickr


Compatibility: Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari / Opera


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Installation Instructions

*IMPORTANT INFO* : To get this script to work, you need to "Spoof" your browser's "user agent" via a browser extension, to trick Flickr into thinking you are using an older browser. For firefox you can try Random Agent Spoofer, and for Chrome try User Agent Switcher that lets you spoof your "user agent", then set your user agent to Firefox 21.

This should revert Flickr to the older site design, and the Flickr PM script should then work ok.

Firefox : First you need to install the Greasemonkey addon, then once thats installed, click the install link, and then you are good to go.

Google Chrome : You first need to install the Tampermonkey extension, that lets you run greasemonkey scripts, then click the Flickr PM script link to install.

Safari : Safari doesn't have native Greasemonkey support built in, so you first need to install a GM addon, Greasekit or NinjaKit for example, then once you have that installed, simply click the install link.

Opera : Opera has built in greasemonkey support, you just need to setup your scripts directory in the Settings/Preferences/Advanced/Content/Javascript Options menu, by selecting the User "Javascript directory" you want to store your greasemonkey scripts in, then save the script to the directory you have chosen, et voila!

Flickr PM FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What links does FlickrPM display next to usernames?
A) In order, the links are: FlickrPM popup mail (envelope icon), Profile (profile icon), Change relationship (RE), Flickr DNA (DN), Most Interesting Photos (IN), Flickr Scout (SC), Photo Archive (Coloured Grid)

Q) Why doesnt the mail popup window open in Google Chrome?
A) This is a known issue, fortunately although the popup window doesnt work in Chrome, the script defaults to opening the flickrmail compose page instead, so you can still send a mail to that user.

More Screenshots
flickrPM greasemonkey script working in conjunction with the Flickr Contacts Organiser script

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