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Flickr Contacts Organiser

Updated! v0.77d - 30th Jan 2013

This Greasemonkey script lets you tag your contacts so you can keep up with their photostreams and contact them more easily..

Flickr Contacts Organiser - Helps keep your contact list organised.


Compatibility: Firefox

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N.B This script does not work with Flickr's new page design

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Flickr Contacts Organiser FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What pages does the script work on?
A) Due to a change in Flickr's code, at present the script only works on your Contacts List page.

Q) How can i back up my list of tagged contacts?
A) If you click the brown monkey icon in the bottom left of your browser, then select "User script commands", there should be the options for backing up and restoring your tagged contacts list. These functions enable you to transfer your tagged data from one machine to another.

Q) Does it work with Firefox 4?
A) Yes the latest version of the script works with Firefox 4.

Q) What is the full list of filters available for viewing tagged users details?
A) Most recent photos * Recently favourited photos * Most interesting photos * Most interesting videos * Least interesting photos * Their Videos * Random Selection of photos * Photos of theirs you've faved * Photos of yours they've faved * Photos tagged with * Photos text includes * Their contacts * Their contact's photos * Relationship * Contact Details * Contacts you have in common * Faves you have in common * Photos of theirs you have commented on (or favourited) * Photos of yours they have commented on (or favourited) * Photos they have commented on * Their photo tags * Photo tags you have in common * Their Groups * Their Sets * Their Galleries * Groups you have in common * Testimonials they have received * Testimonials they have given

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